Our Arizona Summer Adventure Wishlist

Hello Friends! We've compiled a list of our top ten Arizona adventures that we'd like to go on this summer. We also have some life updates we would like to share with you that have happened in our wonderfully offbeat life!


Seattle: Urbanism & Umbrellas

Luke and I love adventure. We love the exploring new places together and making new memories. Now that we reside in Phoenix, Arizona, we have made it a priority to explore the Valley of the Sun. But we wanted to go beyond our comfort zone. One day I was browsing through some flights to random… Continue reading Seattle: Urbanism & Umbrellas


Konnichiwa from Japan!

I can't believe I'm almost heading off to college when it seems like it was only yesterday I was a high school freshman. Just like looking out of the bullet train to Kyoto, my life has been a blur of scenery passing by, as I am rapidly approachingĀ college. Still, though my summer preparing for school… Continue reading Konnichiwa from Japan!