Roasted Root Medley 

It's been quite a while since I posted a recipe but I'm excited to share this one with you guys! Luke and I had the awesome opportunity to head to the Phoenix Open Air Public Market on Saturday morning. We had been meaning to go for a while and I was so happy to finally… Continue reading Roasted Root Medley¬†


Classic Mixed Berry Pie

Summer is coming to an end soon and college is around the corner. This summer has been pretty eventful for the two of us with family, random little trips, and Luke's trip to Japan (I promise there will be an article about that! He's a busy man!) I've began baking again and exhibiting my eagerness… Continue reading Classic Mixed Berry Pie


Spot On Agave Roasted Broccoli

Being vegan can be difficult, especially trying to find the perfect alternatives to your previous favorites if you switched from being an omnivore. However with some creativity and experimenting, you can come up with some pretty creative results. Some results come out being even better than the "real" thing! This is one of those cases.… Continue reading Spot On Agave Roasted Broccoli