We Go High

I am offbeat. I am unique. One of a kind. Different. But wait. Aren't we all? Don't we all have different genetics, traits, personalities, & lifestyles? Don't we all have different journeys and walks through life?

Then what is with this box? It's not a physical box. It's a box where we try to shove all of the human population into. It's clear that we all don't fit. We are all so different. Why are we trying to be the same? What are we gaining from being just like our neighbor?

We are all taught from the beginning to prepare for a life where we spend 10 hours a day sitting at a desk. We are told to go to college, which is very expensive, and to go work after we graduate so we can spend the rest of our lives paying our school debts off. We are told to pursue business or medicine as if they were the only two professions in the world. All our life we are trained and conditioned to fit into this box. Some of us fit right into that box but a lot of us struggle with the concept. I have been told multiple times that what I am doing (teaching Pre-K) will never be enough, money-wise. I'm okay with that because I didn't drop every that I was doing for the money, I did it because it made me happy and most importantly I felt that I was making an impact and shaping the future. That is more valuable than money to me.

I have always struggled with pleasing people at the expense of my own happiness. Before my second year of college, I had promised myself to wait until marriage to have sex, to wait to move in after marriage, and to wait to get married after college; all because I wanted to please those around me. Little by little, I have been breaking away from that with Luke's help. We're living together, we've of course had sex, and there's talk about marriage. I feel nervous just even writing about it but I am very happy with the decision that I have made and the direction my life is heading. I've always felt ashamed for wanting to live together, to get married before college and all of that but I am learning that I shouldn't be ashamed about it. I only have one shot at my life and I cannot spend the time I have on this planet worrying about what our families and friends think.

Luke and I will never fit into that societal box and that is okay! We are only 19, turning 20 in a couple months, and we have done so much with our lives already. Being the offbeat woman that I am makes me much happier than being the person that you think I should be and that is way more important than anything else. Don't let people make you feel guilty and ashamed for living life the way that you'd like to live it. You've got only one life and it's yours to live. Keep on being you, my friends because you are the most awesome version of yourself!

Do any of you struggle with trying to fit into societal norms? Let me know in the comments! I'd love to hear your stories! Be sure to like and subscribe!


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