Our Arizona Summer Adventure Wishlist

Hurray! It is summer now (it’s always summer in Phoenix) and it is time to PLAY! So much has happened since my last post and I’m so excited to update you with all of our exciting offbeat news and to share with you my Summer Adventure Wishlist!

So if you follow me on Facebook or Instagram (if you don’t, there is my social media info at the end of the post) you’ll already know that I am a TEACHER now! I did it and I love it! I teach a wonderful class of pre-kindergarteners in Scottsdale, AZ and it has been the most fun, rewarding, and challenging career ever for me! I’m so happy with my accomplishments as a Pre-K Teacher! Also, Luke has been promoted to manager at Creamistry! It’s so exciting for us and will definitely open a lot of doors to some opportunities for Luke. If you’re in the Scottsdale area, stop by and say hi to “Manager Skywalker!” 

One more exciting thing, Murphy is officially moved in with us. Thank you to Luke’s wonderful parents who watched her for us for a year! That being said, we will be adding a Dog Parents AF section to our blog because she is in fact an important part of our lives and we have a lot of helpful advice as well as hilarious stories about our furbaby! 

Our furbaby girl, Murphy!

On to our Summer Adventure Wishlist! This wishlist has been in the making for a while! There is just so much see and do in Arizona! We’ve narrowed down our summer wishlist to these ten awesome and fun adventures to do! 

1. Visit Schnepf Farms

We love peaches and we are always looking for opportunities to be outside, despite the 100+ degree weather here in Arizona. Schnepf Farms is a peach farm in Queen Creek, Arizona known for it’s brightly delicious peaches as well as its Peach Festival in May! Peach Season is coming to an end but the serene quietness and the beautiful nature will be perfect for a wonderful outing!

2. Journey to the Lava River Cave

I had no idea that this was actually a thing here in Arizona! I was thrilled when I learned that we could make an adventure out of it! The Lava River Cave, located 9 miles out of Flagstaff, is a lava tube that was formed when a volcanic vent erupted almost a million years ago. People say that it is very cool inside and that it is best to bring multiple flashlights. The cave is about a mile long!

3. Cool off at Havasu Falls 

We’ve been to Lake Havasu before but we’ve never got the chance to go and explore the falls. The falls, located in the tribal land of Havasupai, are very beautiful and you’ll have to prepare for a long hike to reach them. This is an adventure that ends with a magical and gorgeous view!

4. Road trip to Kaibab National Forest

Our girl, Murphy, is a road trip friendly dog and would love to go on all of these adventures with us, especially this one! The Kaibab National Forest is located near Sedona and  holds many wonders as well as beautiful scenery! It’s a pet-friendly trip and we really hope that this trip will happen sometime soon! 

5. Go Tubing in the Salt River

The Salt River is close to Phoenix and can be a very fun day trip! I’ve also never been tubing before so this would be so new and exciting for me! We’re always looking for new experiences, so a trip to the Salt River sounds like the perfect way to kickstart the summer!

6. Night Hike on the Stargazer Trail

In my Pre-Kindergarten class, our June theme is Spectacular Space. While teaching my students about the wonders of our galaxy, I’ve recently developed a love and appreciation for the night sky and all of its treasures. A night hike on the Stargazer Trail in the San Tan Mountain Regional Park, sounds like a magical and breathtaking experience. 

7. Go Kayaking at Saguaro Lake

I’m not the biggest fan of lakes. They’ve always creeped me out. Luke, on the other hand, will gladly take a dip in one while a cringe on the shore. However I am willing to kayak on a lake while taking in the gorgeous lake scenery. A day trip to Saguaro Lake and a few hours kayaking it’s serene waters sounds like a lovely getaway from the hustle and bustle of Phoenix.

8. Venture to Jerome, AZ

Jerome is the biggest ghost town in America. It was once a mining town with about 15,000 residents. Now a little less than 500 people reside. The town has now transformed into an cozy little art hub and as a lover of all things quirky and art, I promised myself that I would visit this cute thriving ghost town!

9. Swim at The Crack at Wet Beaver Creek

The Crack is a little swimming hole located in Rimrock, Arizona. It’s on the way to Sedona and would make for a perfect day trip out of Sedona or Flagstaff! The hike to get to The Crack is a long but rewarding 3.5 mile hike. It’s not a popular tourist attraction so you can expect to have a relaxing and chill swim!

10.  Explore Tombstone at Twilight 

We have never been to Tucson or its surrounding areas before so I was so excited to add this to our list! Tombstone at Twilight takes place the 4th Saturday of every month. Shops stay open very late, everyone dresses up, there are gun fight re-enactments, and music filling the streets making this quiet town vibrant at the latest of hours! I’m excited and hoping to see what Tombstone will offer us after dark!

Summer is such a wonderful time of the year and it’s nice to know that Arizona had wonderful experiences and adventures to offer! We hope you enjoyed this post and hopefully it gave you some adventure ideas! If you haven’t already be sure to give us a like and a share! Also we love hearing from you all so be sure to leave us a comment and give us more ideas for adventures! Till the next post, my friends! 

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Facebook: Kellianne Holland & Luke Hagelgantz 


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