Our Studio Home Tour!

Hey guys! It’s been about a month now and Luke and I are fully moved in! So as many of you know, Luke and I decided to take our relationship to the next level and move out of the dorms and into our own home together in Phoenix! Our apartment is a very nicely laid out studio apartment that’s only 2 miles away from campus! Here is our awesome Photo Home Tour!

1. Living Room

Our living room is the heart of our home! Everything happens here and so we made sure that this part of our home was the coziest aside from our bed nook. Of course, like I promised, I Pinterested the shit out of the apartment and we are happy with the results! Our interior style is a mixture of Eclectic, Bohemian, and Whimsical! We used gray as our neutral color and made sure to add random pops of color! We also love the giant ass window that brings in a lot of natural light in our home thus cutting down our electric bill!

Our Favorite Thing About This Room: The rug is beautiful and adds color to our home! So definitely the area rug!

2. Bed Nook

Since we live in a studio apartment, we don’t have a 4-walled bedroom so we refer to this part of the home as the bed nook. It’s simple yet stylish and the neutral colors are calming! The door in the picture leads to our patio outside and I have a little garden starting up out there!

Our Favorite Thing About This Room: It was hard to pick! We love our string lights and our mattress but we both said our number one favorite was the tapestry I got from Deny Designs! Somehow it reminds me of home in SoCal!

3. Dining Room

Yes! We have a dining room despite being in a studio apartment and it is AMAZING! We have so much room in that part of our home and so our turtle, Michelle, reside there happily. We actually could’ve gotten a bigger table but I thought this was the perfect size from Ikea! We’ve already hosted a couple of dinner parties here and our whimsy really shows in this room!

Our Favorite Thing About This Room: The totally Midcentury Eclectic Dining Chairs! Luke and I fell in love with these chairs when we saw them at World Market! They’re comfortable and are basically our statement pieces in the room! 

A closeup of one of our dining chairs!

4.  Kitchen

I spend a lot of the time in the kitchen because I cook breakfast, lunch and dinner majority of the time! We lack storage space as you can tell from the pictures so we took it upon ourselves to find a place to put all of our shit! Instead of a spice rack we have these magnetic containers that I put on the side of the fridge and that has become spice central (I got the idea from Luke’s mom who did the same thing! She’s full of wonderful ideas!) Also, we have a basket above the stove that holds our silverware and we had no space for a knife block so our knives are on the wall! We also got some wire baskets and shelves installed in the pantry for more storage as well!

Our Favorite Thing About This Room: Our New Stove! They just installed it about a week ago and it is amazing! I love cooking on it!

5. The Bathroom

Our bathroom is very small but we still made sure to make it as stylish and honey as possible! The bathroom also lacks some storage space so we added shelving and countertop storage as well! We’re also adding a sign in there that I’m currently making that’s going to say, “Get Naked!” 

Our Favorite Thing About This Room: Luke says the toilet and I say the the shower curtain! We both have valid reasons why!

I hope you guys enjoyed the photo tour! It was very exciting to share our home through our blog! If you liked this post be sure to give it a like and share it! Also make sure to follow our blog for some more awesome and offbeat content! Thank you guys for checking out our blog!


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