Life Update: We’re Moving In Together

Guys! I’m so excited! Luke and I are FINALLY making going to be living together after 3 years! Technically, it’ll be 3 years next month. But still, Luke and I have had so many talks about our future together. We were very nervous about the whole idea of living together because honestly we were mostly nervous about what our families would say. Some of you are nodding you head saying amen to that and I just want to say, don’t base your decisions off of their happiness. Do something if it makes you happy and if you’re ready. 

So Luke and I always talked about moving in together and at first when we started dating, we said we would move in together when we got married. Then it changed and we said after college. Once again, it changed and we said when we feel ready! So here we are on our last week of living separately from one another. Our parents now know and their reactions weren’t bad. My family was actually excited!

So now that nerve-wrecking part is over and we’re focused on preparing for our life together. We’re moving into a studio apartment in Phoenix close to the university. It’s a very well laid out apartment with a bed nook, hardwood flooring, a balcony, a nice-sized kitchen, and a dining room. And of course, Murphy will be joining us! I’m excited for this chapter in our lives! 

So as you can tell, this is a pretty short post and I just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone who’s been a big part of our relationship! A big thank you to Cindy and Autumn, especially! You guys basically guided us and gave us advice on these life matters! Next week is spring break and Luke and so will be moving all of our shit to the apartment and then heading off to California to spend time with our families! I’m so excited! Aside from that, I will be posting pictures of OUR new home together and hopefully I’ll get to doing a home tour post or video! 

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