Birth Control: The Pill, The Implant, The Talk & The Options

I grew up knowing what sex was and what it entailed. My mom had the talk with me when I was 8 years old because I had sat through the whole Titanic movie (even the steamy car scene). My mom was on the phone and after the movie I asked my mom the innocent question, “Mommy, why was the car foggy?” Realizing what I had seen, my mom, being the person that she was, didn’t hesitate to tell it as it was. “Oh they’re just having sex.” Of course, I asked her what sex was and she explained it to me using a wooden spoon and a bell pepper slice. She then proceeded to tell me that it happens when to adults love each other and are ready so I had a long ways to go before I could even think about it. I was traumatized and to this day I’m still not a fan of bell peppers.

Fast forward 11 years later. I’m an adult now but the concept of sex is still mystical to me. It’s a fight within itself. I have people in my life who tell me that sex is only for marriage and we should be abstinent until then. I have people who tell me that sex is for you to enjoy when you’re ready and to use protection when you do so. Shit, I’ve even had people tell me that sex is only for reproductive purposes and only for that! It’s amazing to see how many different views there are and how it affects people’s choices in life. I’m going to say it now. The timing of sex is about personal preference.

As a modern young adult, I believe that sex is a common thing and shouldn’t be feared. I grew up in the church where people were afraid of it and were told their whole lives to abstain from sex. Because of that, I find that many people who constantly have been told to abstain may even abstain during marriage because they were taught to fear sex their whole lives. My stance on sex is what I was taught: wait until YOU are ready. If your readiness for sex comes before a piece of paper that documents your marriage, then awesome. If your readiness comes on your wedding night, then awesome. Either way the choice is YOURS to make. Also, don’t let anyone dictate your readiness. If you’re not ready then don’t let someone force you to be ready. If you are ready, don’t let anyone try to change your mind. Have sex on your own terms. It is your life decision and you making your own choices will ultimately lead to your happiness.

It’s obvious that sex leads to pregnancy and so today I want to talk about different ways to prevent pregnancy if you’re not ready for it. And no I’m not talking about abstinence. I actually don’t personally find abstinence an effective form of birth control but that’s just me. Instead, today I want to talk about different birth control options that will protect you (when abstinence just won’t work) and what they do. Here are what I find to be the most popular types of contraceptives amongst young adults.

Method 1: Birth Control Pills

Birth Control Pills are a daily medication that you can take to prevent unwanted pregnancy. Birth control pills or “the pill” releases hormones that thicken cervical mucus, which prevents the eggs from getting fertilized, and stop ovulation so that the sperm has no egg to get to. The pill comes in 21 contraceptive pills and can come with an additional 7 “sugar” pills that contain no hormones. The sugar pills are basically there to keep you on track so you don’t get out of the habit of taking your pills daily. Aside from not getting pregnant, the pill comes with a few benefits such as lighter periods, reduced menstrual cramp pain, and even reduce the affects of acne. The pill is one of the easiest ways to stay protected (along with using a condom).

Method 2: Condoms

Condoms aren’t just limited to guys as there are condoms out there for gals. Condoms are the most common and cost effective form of birth control as well as STD/STI prevention. They are made of plastic or latex and are worn on the penis or if you’re a lady, inside the vagina. Condoms prevent sperm from entering the vagina when used correctly and can be paired with different forms of birth control for even more protection. You can purchase condoms virtually anywhere from Target to Amazon. Condoms aren’t 100% effective (just like all forms of birth control) as they can break during sex. The morning after pill can be used in the case of a broken condom to avoid pregnancy.

Method 3: Birth Control Implant

The implant is the easiest form of birth control because there is no daily medication, no prep work, and the effects are long-lasting. It is one of the harder ones to obtain because you will have to consult with a healthcare professional first and the procedure can be pricy. The birth control implant is a small, thin piece of plastic that’s the size of a match stick. The implant is inserted into the side of your arm after a painkiller is applied. The implant releases progesterone which thickens the cervical mucus just like the pill and keeps all of the eggs right in the ovaries so the sperm can’t reach them. This method is effective for 3 years and can be removed or renewed if you wish. It’s pretty worry-free and is gaining popularity amongst young adults. I’m actually looking to do this method because I can’t remember to take pills at all!

There are other forms of birth control out there like the NuvaRing, the Today Sponge, FemCap, and much more! Sex is a beautiful thing and I believe that you shouldn’t be scared into thinking that sex  is something to be ashamed of. When you are educated about your options and think deeply about your decisions, sex is something that is special and can strengthen the bond between two people! For more information visit birth! Don’t forget to like and share this post! Sharing is caring!


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