Seattle: Urbanism & Umbrellas

Luke and I love adventure. We love the exploring new places together and making new memories. Now that we reside in Phoenix, Arizona, we have made it a priority to explore the Valley of the Sun. But we wanted to go beyond our comfort zone. One day I was browsing through some flights to random places in the U.S. when I stumbled upon a destination Luke and I had been talking about traveling to since the day we started dating. Seattle, Washington was one of our bucket list destinations and the plane ticket and hotel bundle deal was one I just could not pass up. I booked it right away! I was ready for an adventure!

The idea of us randomly hopping on a plane and traveling north to a city where we’ve never been to made me tremble with excitement and anxiety. Why anxiety, though?

Well, Luke and I started dating at the age 16 in high school. Since we we were minors back then, we had a lot of rules that were implemented to keep us from doing some crazy shit. I hated it back then but I mean I totally understand now. Those rules grew with us and became normal. Now that we’re adults and it’s Luke’s first year of college, those rules don’t apply anymore but we still feel like we’re disappointing someone.

It didn’t stop us. Luke and I confidently boarded the plane and headed to the Seattle/Tacoma Airport and began our adventure! Here is our 4 day itinerary!

Ice, snow, and a turbulent plane ride!

Day 1: We landed in Seattle at 2pm and began our experience! I am usually a horrible packer but this time I nailed it. I had packed extra scarves, hats and sweaters for the two of us! Good thing I did because it was FRIGID! Being from California and residing in Phoenix, 34 degrees was like a slap in the face!  We took an Uber and arrived at our hotel which was the Best Western Plus Executive Inn in Seattle. Guys, it was nothing fancy but the location was perfect! The Space Needle was a block away and we had the perfect view from the hotel. Chihuly Garden and Glass, MoPOP, and the Seattle Center Monorail were all right there next to the Space Needle as well! Our hotel’s check-in time was at 4 so we got lattes at Honor Coffee and Tea just a block away. Once we checked in, we basically put our stuff away and got dinner at the hotel restaurant Brella’s and then called it a day!

Day 2: We were up at 10am and left the hotel at 11:30. The first order of business was the Chihuly Glass and Garden. My family had been bugging me to visit there when we had announced plan to travel to Seattle. Guys, I couldn’t even! This museum was the best museum I had ever been to! It’s so vibrant and abstract, just the way I like my art, cats and life! I’m just going to add pictures of some of the art I saw because I could ramble on all day about how pretty it was. 

The second order of business was the Space Needle, of course! So we had purchased a combo ticket that included both Chuhily Garden and the Space Needle for only $37 instead of paying $24 to go each. It was a very good deal and it was definitely worth it! If you want to take a really amazing picture of the Seattle cityscape, then I highly recommend taking it from the Space Needle. Aside from pictures, it was really cool to learn about the Space Needle and it’s history! The most impressive thing I learned was that this landmark was created for the 1962 World’s Fair in the middle of the Space Race! Luke and I really enjoyed this portion of the trip and crossed “Go up to top of the Space Needle” off our bucket lists.

Seattle Skyline with Mt. Rainier in the backdrop

Day 3: The night before, my old high school friend, Laura, texted me after she had seen my Seattle pictures on Facebook. Laura lives south of Seattle and suggested that we meet up! I obviously said yes and we met in the morning. Our destination for the day was Pike Place Market! I was so excited to go because I had seen so many picture of the eclectic and historic market! The city traffic made the drive there such a chore but we made it. The Pike Place Market is the perfect place for those looking to experience the culture of the port city. Seafood stalls, flower shops, and Native American crafts line the sides of the market. One of the highlights is watching the fish go flying through the air at the Pike Place Fish Market. People gather around and wait until one of the crew throws fish across the market. It sounds simple but it’s iconic in many ways. Laura also took us to Golden Age Collectibles. It’s one of the coolest comic book shops I’ve ever been in! Luke of course made our time there count and bought 8 comic books! He took advantage of a deal that they had, Buy 5 for $4. After going downstairs to the comic shop, we made our way to the Original Starbucks storefront. I had my heart set on going in but the line was extremely long. As a huge Starbucks patron, it was at least cool to see. The Pike Place Market is home to many cool shops like Beecher’s Cheese Shop, All Things Lavender and Cafe Campagne. We ended the day by enjoying a spinach pizza at Zeek’s  Pizza! I highly recommend this place if you’re ever in the area! Least to say, we were definitely immersed  in the best of Seattle!     

Day 4: Luke and I got out of bed extra early because it was our last day in Seattle. We still had a lot of things we wanted to do but we spent the last morning at MoPop or Museum of Pop Culture. It was a very fun museum! If you’re into interactive exhibits then MoPop is the place to be. They’ve got a whole exhibit dedicated to the development of video games and of course you get to play a ton of them there. It’s a museum that is made for people of different interests. They had a horror exhibit, sci-fi exhibit, music exhibit and much more! It was the perfect ending to our Seattle experience!

Our first trip together was definitely a huge success! I appreciated the whimsical and friendly vibes that I got everywhere in the city. If you are looking for a destination that has a lot to see and do, Seattle may be perfect for you! Luke and I are definitely looking into planning our second trip out there and we’re excited for a life full of adventures!


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