Us: The Crossing of Comfort Zones

Life is a gift and we believe that one should get the most out of it. For us, it means stepping out of our comfort zones. Stepping out of your comfort zone is something that’s way easier said than done and varies per person. For example, I, Kellianne, am loud when I’m with my friends but put me at the dinner table with Luke’s family and I’m as quiet as a mouse. Only because I’m carefully planning out the next sentence I’m going to say. For Luke, it was getting out of the house and meeting new people. Right before we started dating, he basically never left the mountainous abode. Well! Thank God we took a step out of our comfort zones! We wouldn’t have happened if I hadn’t confessed my longterm crush on Luke and if he hadn’t left the house to meet up with me. So a quick back story: Luke and I met when we were in the 6th grade…so a very long time ago. I’ve had a crush on him since the day I met him. We began dating my junior year of high school and now we’ve been dating for over two years. Now were college freshman (I started over) and were ready for an experience of a life time! We believe that we shouldn’t be held to a limit. We believe the world around us is ours to experience. Our life, our way. We encourage you to do the same. If you want to be an ecologist but your mom wants you to be a gynecologist, then be an ecologist and do what makes you happy! If you want to live in a van and travel the world instead of living in the same town working a 9-5 office job that you hate, then do it! And send us pictures of your van adventures! Your life, your way! Too many times we’ve had people tell us that we shouldn’t be vegan because its “stupid”, or people tell us that activism won’t change anything, or that Luke and I are too young to _______. Well, too f**king bad! Our life, our way! We challenge you to live the life that you want to live! Trust us, you’ll be happier! Let us know how your lives are going for you!


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